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E-Learning Course Creation and Delivery

We deliver Innovative Digital Learning to Drive Performance Change and Growth


We work with companies to take their in-house knowledge and turn that into custom e-learning courses to support and grow their businesses.

We then work with those organisations to deliver the courses - whether internally or externally

Explore our current course offerings

We work with partners on a wide range of custom-created digital learning content. We specialize in Risk management - whether this is Health & Safety, workforce security, Fraud prevention or enterprise security —all the things that support you and your business. For individual learners or small businesses, some courses are also available to purchase on our website shop. Please refer to the links below the specific courses for further details.

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Why Accredex ?


We are specifically focussed on making it easier for professionals to become accredited in their field.


Unique eLearning from the industry leaders in their sectors including Fraud, Heath & Safety and workforce mgmt.


Available anytime and anywhere. Secure online access via Smart phones, laptops and tablets


Our e-learning and accreditation services remove the need for travel time and 'day's off' saving the individual and business time and money

Cost Effective

Accredex Partners

Forensic Procurement Partnership Ltd
Smarter Not Harder
The Identity Organisation
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