A unique industry changing course that is disrupting the e-learning market! 

Protect your business against expensive malpractices and fraudulent behaviour

This is a totally NEW and UNIQUE e-Learning course from acknowledged industry experts, that addresses one of the fastest growing and dangerous threats to your business in the UK today – Procurement Fraud. This is such a huge problem (over £2.5 billion pounds) that a number of prominent MP’s have highlighted the threats and realities in a recent government report.

This course will teach your supply chain and procurement staff how to identify procurement fraud situations, uncover rogue operatives and threats and provide a higher level of transparency and control over all elements of your purchasing requirements.

This course will train your employees how to operate in a way that protects your companies hard earned reputation, enhances your ability to procure products and services more effectively and will save you money and time in dealing with any issues by identifying them quickly, efficiently and transparently.


  • Offers best practice improvement

  • Provides brand protection and protects business reputation 

  • Ticks the box of many of the requirements listed in the recent Government Review

  • Delivers cost reductions and savings opportunities

  • Protects your workforce by teaching them how to identify threats

  • Identifies and proves best practice techniques

  • Enhances your business reputation for transparency and best practice.

  • Gives 6 Hours CPD time

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