Forensic Procurement Partnership (FPP)

Proactive awareness of procurement fraud


''It is recognised that all organisations are at risk of losing 5% of its spend each year through Procurement Fraud – although it may be much higher"

How is this impacting your organisation?

What is Procurement?

The act of acquiring products and services - with the appropriate care, skill and effort to protect an organisation - whilst making it more profitable. Procurement today is imperative to a company's survival, continued growth and success.


What is Fraud?

Criminal deception committed by a person (an employee or an external third party) who act in a false and deceitful way. There are a string of offences under a variety of global legislations and the suspect will demonstrate dishonesty and/or deception - often unknown by participating parties. There is always a victim!


What is Fraud in Procurement?

Every organisation has a requirement to spend and Procurement Fraud is globally recognised as a significant risk; it can occur at any point in the procurement cycle and is often notoriously difficult to detect. Procurement processes are particularly susceptible to fraud all of which impact directly on the bottom line of any organisation and the potential reputational impact that follows.


  • Morality Meter

    • ​All about you

  • Procurement 101

    • What does procurement look like?

  • Probity Academy

    • ​Having strong moral principles, honesty and decency

  • Evolution of Procurement Fraud

    • - How mature is your organisation?

  • Vulnerability Meter 

    • - Protecting you and your organisation

Accredex in association with the Forensic Procurement Partnership (FPP) have designed a unique e-learning course that provides:

  • One of a kind e-learning – white labelled to your organisation

  • Irrefutable procurement fraud awareness knowledge

  • Cost reductions and savings opportunities

  • Best practice improvement

  • Protection of your organisation's brand and reputation

  • The option to upload to your Learning Management System (LMS) or via the Accredex managed service solution

About Forensic Procurement Partnership (FPP) 

The only company solely focused on merging accredited fraud and procurement expertise.


  • Accredited to FCIPS, MCIPS, ACFTech - Procurement Fraud

  • Global Multi-sector, multi industry category experience

  • Contributors to recognised standards

  • FTSE, Blue-Chip, Greenfield and Brownfield sector 


  • Accredited to ACFS, ACFT, BA

  • Public & Private Sector, Ex Police and Advisory Firm experience

  • Fraud Advisory, Expert Witness, Money Laundering

  • Asset Tracing SC Level cleared

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