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A leap forward in getting new skills and accreditations into the UK Built Environment

Stay safe & protect your health when carrying out site surveys and visiting existing construction sites for any reason.

Who? This test is for everyone within the Built environment Profession that makes site visits

Why? This test will assist you to be safe on all types of sites and will help you understand how your holistic design considerations and decisions with the collaboration of the wider design team can be integrated into the project proportionately.

What? You will learn the principles of how to Design Risk Manage projects of all sizes and types from house extension to major infrastructure.


Know and understand key methods to Design Risk Manage projects at the pre-construction stages to mitigate risks to all persons on or affected by the construction or use of the project.  This course considers all design factors such as cost, sustainability, fire, inclusivity, structural stability so far as is reasonably practicable.

This course will help designers to concentrate on significant CDM issues (including risks & benefits) rather than focussing on the less significant issues which should be controlled by professional contractors.

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(Each module can be reviewed unlimited times and includes a test)

1. Legal - who is responsible for YOUR safety


2. Your Health & Welfare  - the basics to keep YOU safe & healthy

3. Your Safety on Site - recognition of risks & dangers to keep YOU safe

4. Risk Management Issues -  the identification, mitigation & management of risks & benefits proportionately

5. Design Risk Management - incorporating and considering risks in project design

6. Protecting the Environment - enabling YOU to recognise risks to the environment