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Taking this HSC training ensures that your knowledge is current - and that you have proven that knowledge to the industry bodies through the exam process. This gives protection for yourself, your business, your fellow workers, the public and the environmental surroundings.

This NEW for 2022 industry-leading online certification can be accessed via any device at any time, giving you the flexibility to take the required course modules wherever and whenever suits you and your business.

  • Relevant content for 2022 legislation

  • Available anytime, anywhere

  • 100% Secure & GDPR compliant

  • "Teach me, Test me" learning approach

  • 3 year certification

  • Simple to navigate, interactive course

  • Learn at your own pace & time

  • Budget friendly but content rich

This course is intuitive to use and responsive on any device. It's designed to teach the Learner about Health and Safety and test them once they have read and understood the content.

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All six modules have a 'Teach Me' and 'Test Me' feature and Learners can run through as many 'Test Me' sections as they need before they feel confident to progress. The module content is always accessible, even when the module is completed.


  • This training content is relevant for your role in the industry as professionals

  • The course modules have been written by built environment professionals for built environment professionals, providing up to date, relevant content.

  • This course will enable you to be proficient to 2022 standards and adhere to relevant Health and Safety laws.

  • The course is approved by CPD.

  • The course is fully supported & endorsed by the CIC board.

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Content Contributors

  • Amy Skyes, RLB

  • Andrew Ramsey, GCU

  • Clive Johnson, Derwent

  • Dan Cooke. RLB

  • Greg Ward, RLB

  • Liz Drummond, CIC

  • Louise Clark, Berkley Homes

  • Niall Rowan, ASFP

  • Nick Groom, RLB

  • Paul Bussey, AHMM

  • Philip Baker, APS

  • Samantha Mepham, RLB

  • Tony Burton, CIC