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An interview with Jonny Barr,
Head of IT at Lagan Specialist
Contracting Group


What area of the business currently uses KB4? 

All areas of the business use different aspects of the product.


How did you first hear about KB4? 

It was recommended and demonstrated by our supplier.


What challenges/problems necessitated taking on a product such as Kb4? 

End user security awareness then recently, Covid-19 declaration policy acceptance.


What were you looking for in a solution?

Simple to manage and self-perpetuating platform with excellent reporting.


What made KB4 stand out over others that you researched? 

It ticked all the boxes and more, so we didn't feel the need to look at any other products.


What feature of the KB4 product did you like most?

Secure Awareness Phishing emails.


How did you rollout the KB4 to the business? 

With the help of the KB4 success manager we started with simple phishing campaigns. Once this was started we began sending welcome emails to new staff with links to training also hosted on the platform.


What was the initial reaction in the business to KB4?

The business leaders appreciated the platform, the staff in general enjoyed the format of the training.


How has KB4 helped since implementation? 

Number of “clickers” has decreased significantly.


What have you been most impressed with? 

The support and dedication of our success manager and the quick resolution of support issues when they arose.


Is there anything else you would like to share?

All in all, this product is fantastic and it continues to grow and mature over time. This is an essential tool for any company.

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