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Accredex are pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Smarter Not Harder (SNH)

Furthering its dedication to be a leading provider of quality e-learning, Accredex are pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Smarter Not Harder (SNH), a business focused on helping individuals, leaders and teams to work smarter, unlock previously untapped capacity and achieve more.

Accredex work with leading organisations to provide key sector-specific accredited training and have combined the experience of industry professionals to provide high quality, affordable and creative e-learning and virtual learning solutions to businesses from all sectors.​

”we are delighted to be partnering with SNH and are thrilled to be able to add such a significant training course to our growing suite of online learning courses. Our collaboration with SNH enables us to cover an area of training that complements our other e-learning programmes and myself and the wider Accredex team look forward to working with SNH moving forward” said Paul Jenkinson, Founder & Director of Accredex

SNH have spent the last 14 years researching and developing tips, tools & techniques that can be easily implemented and have an instant impact on productivity. The SNH Smart Working programme has benefitted over 10,000 people all over the world including some of the world’s leading companies such as BT, Salesforce, SAMSUNG, DELL, KPMG, SKY, O2, Clifford Chance and Sage Software.

“SNH are proud to work with Accredex and their expertise and experience in this field.

We are very excited to share our proven techniques available via virtual (live) and online mediums making our solutions accessible globally and at scale”. Simon Barrett, Business Development Director, SNH

For detailed information about this and/or any of our other courses, please get in touch here.

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