Protect your business against expensive malpractices & fraudulent behaviour with Accredex's Procurement Fraud Awareness E-Learning Course.  This unique, one of a kind e-learning course costs as little as your daily cup of coffee has been developed by Accredex in association with the Forensic Procurement Partnership (FPP). The FPP is the only company solely focused on merging accredited fraud and procurement expertise. They are leading the way to pro-actively prevent, detect and investigate procurement fraud.


FPP Procurement Fraud Awareness Course

    • Recognising Red Flag situations
    • Understanding governance requirements and ensuring they exist
    • Legislation – and the consequences!
    • Understanding different types of fraud and how your company is exposed to them
    • Understanding the motivation of a fraudster
    • Understanding bribery and corruption - and how to mitigate the risk!
    • Develop an understanding of basic investigative techniques
    • What to do if you suspect fraud is occurring, or has occurred