HSE (Health & Safety)

  • We can save you, your employees and your business partners' time and money by gaining the industry certifications you need to carry out your job roles.

  • We can provide fast, secure and easily accessed content that ensures you, your employee’s and your business partners are fully accredited to carry out their work.

  • We will work alongside your business as opposed to disrupting it. 

  • We offer a diverse, modern and fit for purpose e-learning suite of courses that will enhance your business and place you in front of your competition.


Forensic Procurement Fraud

  • Unique and focussed on saving your business up to 5% of your bottom line profits – instantly and year on year.

  • We ensure that your employees engage in the best business practices therefore saving money and protecting your business against expensive malpractice and fraudulent behaviour.








Mental Health in the Modern World

  • We will provide specific help to ensure your employees are protected from the modern 'new world' demands of working from home in solitude and via online meetings – therefore identifying early signs of stress and mental health changes which could potentially be expensive and disruptive to your organisation.

  • Unique content from “world renowned and recognisable” individuals.

  • Build better remote teams that benefit your employees and your business.