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What is the productivity challenge your organisation faces?

Most organisations acknowledge that their employees work hard but also know that being busy is different from being effective. Is the time, attention & energy of your team being spent in the right places?

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The SNH SmartWorking programme has benefitted over 10,000 people all over the world including some of the world’s leading companies such as BT, Salesforce, SAMSUNG, DELL, KPMG, SKY, O2, Clifford Chance, Sage Software plus many more.

  • SNH help individuals, leaders and teams to work smarter and unlock previously untapped capacity. 

  • They have spent the last 14 years researching and developing tips, tools & techniques that can be easily implemented and have an instant impact on productivity.  

  • Most people see immediate results and typically achieve an improvement in productivity of 15-20% within a matter of weeks, that’s an additional 3 days per month. 

People often say, “You need to work smarter not harder!” but what does that really mean in your organisation? And what would be the benefits to you if you could? This becomes even more important as we recognise that remote working and working from home will become increasingly ‘the norm’.

Work with us and we can very quickly give you the answers to both these questions.

As an initial indication we would expect you to benefit from “an extra 15% workforce capacity” i.e. the equivalent of 3 extra people for every 20 you employ. Why are we so confident? Because on average this has been the improvement we have delivered for our clients.


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