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Procurement Fraud Management

Protect your business against expensive malpractices & fraudulent behaviour with this totally NEW and UNIQUE

E Learning course from acknowledged industry experts, its called Managing Procurement Fraud.   This course addresses one of the fastest growing and dangerous threats to your business in the UK today – Procurement Fraud. 

Enterprise Security Awareness Training &

Simulated Phishing Platform

This industry leading Enterprise Security Awareness training ensures your employees don’t click on that suspicious link or get social engineered into installing other malware that could cause your organisation irreparable damage - or worse still making you one of the 1 in 6 businesses that go out of business after a cyber-attack.

SMART Working

Perhaps you want people to work smarter because important things aren’t getting done, deadlines are slipping, valuable opportunities are being missed, service levels are deteriorating, stress levels are rising or some other time-related challenges are affecting the performance and future success of your organisation.