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An approved route to the CSCS White Card for either
AQP (Academic) or PQP (Professional Body) Qualified Professionals
as well as approved SKILLcard qualifications


Taking this HSC training ensures that your site Health & Safety knowledge is current - and that you have proven that knowledge to the industry bodies through the exam process.

This gives protection for yourself, your business, your fellow workers, the public and the environmental surroundings.



UPDATE AS OF 4th June 2024

1. Single users can self-register at and then buy a single copy of the course online

2. For organisations / multiple users please email for a quote / invoice which can then be paid online of via bank transfer.

3. Purchasing this course gives you access for 30 days, within which time you need to learn the content of the course and then take the exam. The course and exam access expire after 30 days.

4. Course pricing is £49.99 per user. There are discounts for larger quantities (25+).

This NEW for 2022 industry-leading online certification can be accessed via any device at any time, giving you the flexibility to take the required course modules wherever and whenever suits your workers and your business.

  • Relevant content for 2022 legislation

  • An approved route to a CSCS White Card

  • 100% Secure & GDPR compliant

  • "Teach me, Test me" learning approach

  • 3 year certification

  • Simple to navigate, interactive course

  • Learn at your own pace & time

  • Budget friendly but content rich

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All six modules have a 'Teach Me' and 'Test Me' feature and Learners can run through as many 'Test Me' sections as they need before they feel confident to progress. The module content is always accessible, even when the module is completed.

Why take this course?

Taking this HSC training ensures that your employee’s Health and Safety knowledge is current and gives protection for your business, your workers, the public and the environmental surroundings. As an approved route to a CSCS White Card (see below for rules) or a SKILLcard, this 3 year certification will help protect your professional staff when they are making site visits.

  • Fewer accidents

  • Lessened threat of legal action

  • Improved standing among suppliers and partners

  • Reduced costs

  • Reduced risks

  • Lower employee absence and turnover rates

  • Better reputation for corporate responsibility among investors, customers and communities

Need help rolling this out in your organisation?

If you do not have the bandwidth to manage the rollout of the course and managing the users through the exam process and applying for CSCS cards then we can offer a managed service / project management for the successful rollout.


We can provide this service on a daily rate / hours used, or a per user managed service. For example if you have 300 users to manage through the process across 6 months we can rollout the training accounts, ensure, track and chase users to ensure they complete the training, then once trained, can schedule and oversee the exams. Once passed we can manage the application through your employers CSCS account. Through the process we can provide dashboards on progress and weekly reports flagging any issues.

Getting a CSCS white card

It is possible to get a CSCS White card after taking this course and exam, as long as you meet CSCS requirements for either Academically Qualified Person (AQP) or Professionally Qualified Person (PQP).

AQP card is available to people who have completed certain construction related degrees, HNDs, HNCs, CIOB Certificates and NEBOSH diplomas. Visit the CSCS Card Finder tool to find out if your academic qualification is accepted for the AQP card.

PQP card is available to competence assessed members of CSCS approved Professional Bodies. Applicants will need to supply proof that they hold current membership of the professional body at a level accepted by CSCS. Please see CSCS PQP Cards page for further information 

Our exam is also approved for SKILLcard, and appropriate qualification types for the SKILLcard route can be checked here

Course and Exam process


The process to get access to the course, and then to sit the exam is as follows:-


  1. Buy online or request a quote/invoice from  

  2. We will email to ask for candidate(s) details then allocate the course on our LMS (Learning Management System)

  3. Note: users Firstname, Lastname MUST match their Identity Document (passport), their Professional Qualification (degree) and their Professional body membership

  4. Candidates have 30 days to complete course and exam.

  5. Once your candidates are ready for the exam, the invigilator should contact us to arrange the exam time via this form-

  6. The invigilator needs to be someone in your organisation.

  7. The invigilator needs to watch over those taking the test to ensure that they don't lookup answers on their phone, or the web and that they complete the exam within 1 hour. The invigilation rules are on the attestation form via the link below.

  8. After the exam, the invigilator needs to attest to the exam invigilation by filling in the form here-

  9. Email us the exam candidates photos (passport style head shots) which are put into our database for CSCS card usage

  10. Apply for a white CSCS card on their website (separate charge due to CSCS)

Learn More - Request pricing

To make contact with us to discuss the course in more details, please fill in your information below and we will be in touch

Price request

Content Contributors

  • Amy Skyes, RLB

  • Andrew Ramsey, GCU

  • Clive Johnson, Derwent

  • Dan Cooke. RLB

  • Greg Ward, RLB

  • Liz Drummond, CIC

  • Louise Clark, Berkley Homes

  • Niall Rowan, ASFP

  • Nick Groom, RLB

  • Paul Bussey, AHMM

  • Philip Baker, APS

  • Samantha Mepham, RLB

  • Tony Burton, CIC

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