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Formed in 2019, Accredex have combined the experience of industry professionals across the field to provide affordable e-learning solutions to businesses from all sectors.​

We work with some of the leading organisations to provide key sector-specific accredited training to their members and employees. In addition we partner with the top providers of e-learning and virtual learning services to enable your users to work to the most up to date principles and regulations required.


Meet The Team

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Nick Harness


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Nick Harness has over 30 year’s experience in business start-ups and regeneration across various markets. Nick was instrumental in the growth of the background checking industry and identity validation services in the UK and until 2011, Nick was director at Experian Background Checking following his initial start-up of in 2002 and the eventual acquisition of the business by Experian in 2006.

Nick was similarly key to the growth and development of TrustID to being one of the market leading identity validation providers and moved on to form The Identity Organisation once TrustID was established. Nick is also one of the Committee Members and Founder Members of the ADVP (Association of Document Validation Professionals) the trade body representing the UK's Identity Sector and is a regular speaker at industry events and an advisor to both the public and private sectors on the topic of both identity and application fraud.

Currently Nick is involved within the digital identity, identity validation, data security and fraudulent data sharing arena, working closely with Central Government agencies and other public sector organisations to help combat the major issue of identity crime. In addition, Nick provides consultancy services to both public and private sector organisations around the challenges that digital identity provides in relationship to regulatory updates to Money Laundering Regulations (MLD5) and JMLSG Guidance on EID&V in line with eIDAS and the recent British Standard, PAS 499.

With the current Cyber Attack threat, Nicks experience has been extended into cyber security and cyber security awareness training for employees in the UK to avoid data breach and loss for organisations. This expertise has grown in to providing consultancy around the above regulations and the linkage in to the Cyber Security market such as Cyber Essentials.


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Paul Jenkinson

Founder & Director

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Paul Jenkinson has been in the IT, Cyber Security and Compliance E-Learning marketplace for over 35 years having held senior management roles with organisations such as Motorola ING, F5 Networks, Stanley Security and the Turrem Data Group.


After working for a leading UK supplier of e-learning compliance and governance courses, Paul realised that there was a need for E-Learning and "Virtual online Training" within market sectors that were not traditional GRC (Governance - Regulation - Compliance) targets, such as HSE (Health and Safety) training for the Construction Industry, Procurement Fraud Management, Cyber Security Protection and Mental Health in the Workplace. So Accredex was formed as a supplier of fresh new courses addressing modern day needs with the objective of making it easier and more cost effective for organisations and individuals to gain the skills and accreditations that they need to do their day to day jobs. His aim is for Accredex to become a disruptive supplier in challenging the old ways and embracing technology to make employee's better skilled, better protected and therefore more productive.


Paul is a keen golfer and rugby fan and very keen to make sure Accredex has courses relevant to future needs of employees across all industries.

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