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Prevent procurement fraud in your organisation by educating your employees

With Forensic Procurement Partnership (FPP) you are partnering with big name experience - bespoke – unique - and the only company solely focused on merging Accredited Fraud and Procurement expertise.


FPP are leading the way to pro-actively prevent, detect and investigate procurement fraud.

Every organisation has a requirement to spend and Procurement fraud is globally recognised as a significant risk; it can occur at any point in the procurement cycle and is often notoriously difficult to detect. Procurement processes are particularly susceptible to fraud all of which impact directly on the bottom line of any organisation and the potential reputational impact that follows.

With the FPP Investigation service, we offer routes available to recovering your losses and costs.

  • One of a kind E-Learning – white labelled to your organisation

  • Procurement Healthchecks and Transformation

  • Fraud Investigation Services

  • Gathering evidence

  • Interviewing witnesses and suspects


Small enough to care, big enough to add value and make a difference, FPP actively promotes Procurement and Fraud disciplines, with experienced industry professionals that can be tailor designed to fit your bespoke requirements.

Aimed at CEO/ CFO level sponsorship remaining fully private and confidential to complete a forensic analysis on your entire organisation documented in a full management report – This information can be used for company strategy, transformation, change management programmes, budget commitments, Chart of Authority, risk registers, Corporate Social Responsibility, contract management, cost saving.


This is changing the way ‘things have always been done’ and the ROI is appealing to all budgets and size of organisations.

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