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What is the return-on-investment for taking the CIC Health & Safety Course?

Compared to other approved routes to a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) White card the ROI can be significant,....see for yourself below 👇

For example: If you have 50 professionals that require a CSCS white card for access onto sites to do their job, for these employees to become compliant it would potentially cost:

£15 learning material + £26 touchscreen test booking x 50 = £2,050

Half a day out of the office to drive to the test centre £150 x 50 = £7,500

Travel costs £10 x 50 = £500

Current HSC exam TOTAL = £10,050

Compared to.........

CIC/ Accredex HSC Course: £39.99 x 50 people = £1,999.50

Self-invigilation, 1 hour test x 50 people + 5 invigilators = £2,062.50

CIC/Accredex TOTAL= £4,062

The more people you have, then the bigger your savings!

This is training that works around you! Click below to learn more and buy now ⬇️

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